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UK Roof Cleaning - Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal

Not all roofs need full deep cleaning treatment so at UK Roof Cleaning we have developed our services to meet the requirements of our customers. This way we can minimise the cost by tailoring our roof cleaning service to the needs of a given property.


Level 1 - Fungicidal Wash

This is ideally suited for treating roofs every other year to help preserve the clear and moss free surfaces. For this level of service we apply a fungicidal wash to the roof to kill off moss, algae and lichen. The fungicidal wash will kill spores within 12 hours, however if a roof has a moss balls or thick layers of moss and algae we recommend our next level of service. The product (MossGo) that we use is biodegradable and non persistent, thus after 48 to 72 hours it will degrade to a harmless level.


Level 2 - Hydro Clean

We first use a specialist pressure washing system to visibly remove all moss, algae and lichen from the roof. After the roof has been cleared of moss and algae we then clean out rain gutters leaving your roof looking close to new condition (depending on the age of the roof tiles). As an added service we will also replace any broken tiles we find on your roof.

Cleaning the roof requires scaffolding, roof ladders and safety harnesses for access to the surface. In all cases our contractors will carry out a site safety inspection before commencement of work, thus providing peace of mind that we will work in a way that is safe for our contractors, our customers, and members of the public.


Level 3 - Hydro Clean and Sealant.

After applying the hydro clean we apply a transparent sealant to the roof surface. The sealant provides a barrier against moisture ingress into the roof tile surface. This process helps to ensure roof tiles dry more quickly after rain fall thus creating an environment less suited for moss, algae and lichen which tend to thrive on surfaces with moisture.


Pricing and Quotations

Our roof cleaning services start from around £800 for the average property. As each property is different in terms of roof size, height, degree of moss cover etc, we can only confirm the cost after making an initial assessment of your property. If you are considering having your roof cleaned give us a call on 01992 35 00 33, free and no obligation quotations are provided within 24 hours.